Medeski Martin & Wood


Can we open up for Medeski Martin & Wood?

Generally we do not have support acts for MMW.  The band’s complex array of instruments (specifically John’s intricate layout of keys, organs, piano) requires time to setup so logistically it’s impossible to move things around for support.  Plus the band generally performs 2 set shows, which doesn’t allow time for an opening act.

What is MMW’s policy on taping live shows?

MMW DOES allow audience taping.  However in some instances festivals and venues do not permit taping.  It’s ultimately the venue’s call whether or not taping is permitted.  We ask tapers to be respectful of the audience, and we hope the audience will be respectful of tapers in turn.

I’m afraid I won’t be accepted to Camp MMW, should I apply?

YES!  Musicians of varying skill levels are accepted to Camp.  “There is something to be learned from playing with anyone” - MMW.  Generally we have a wide range of musicians, from professionals to young students.

My 12 year old son is an extremely talented musician and a huge fan of MMW. Can he attend camp?

No, sorry he can’t.  Camp MMW is open to students 16 years and older.  MMW would love to host a youth music camp someday.  If there’s enough interest, we’ll do it!

I can’t afford Camp MMW, how can I get a discount?

We have a lot of overhead production expenses for camp.  The cost of the facility, crew, special guests and the preparatory materials leading into camp all add up.  MMW care about giving participants a quality experience. Discounts are offered for early enrollment, see the CAMP page for details.  Partial scholarships are available as well.  The most affordable way to attend Camp is the “Camping Only” option.

What is the general age range of students who attend Camp MMW?

16 - 21 yrs 25%, 22 - 40 yrs 55%, 40 - 60 yrs 20%

Do John Medeski, Billy Martin or Chris Wood give private lessons?

Billy Martin gives lessons when he has time. Visit Billy’s WEBSITE for details.  Come to Camp MMW to study with the guys!

Why don’t you come to my town/city/country?

MMW has not ignored any corner of the globe intentionally.  There are many practical reasons why certain places get less (or no) attention from MMW, or other touring bands for that matter.  Touring is expensive and hard work.  Sometimes the demand just isn’t there, or there simply isn’t enough time.  It’s not that no one cares!  Honest, we do.