Medeski Martin & Wood


Sixth installment of 20 digital tracks available NOW

In celebration of MMW’s 20th anniversary milestone, John, Billy and Chris have hit the studio and recorded TWENTY new tracks. These tracks will be released monthly (DIGITAL-ONLY) until the end of the year.

The sixth pair of tracks off MMW’s monthly digital release series entitled 20, is available for download now. “Aquila the Hyun” and “Doppler” are available on iTunes, Amazon, MusicToday and other digital retailers.

20 Track List

1. "Me2"
2. "Shackman"
3. "Synesthesia"
4. "Down On Me"
5. "Born On A Bus"
6. "Tiznit Stomp"
7. "Fuck You Guys (first take)"
8. "Box Car Lullabye"
9. "Make Room For Another (Mix by DJ Olive)"
10. "Last of a Kind (Mix by DJ Olive)"
11. "Aquila the Hyun"
12. "Doppler"

Digital release schedule as follows:
09/27/11: Tracks 13,14
10/25/11: Tracks 15,16
11/29/11: Tracks 17,18
12/20/11: Tracks 19,20

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