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Medeski Martin & Wood & ?


Medeski Martin & Wood will perform a special show at the Masonic Temple in Brooklyn, NY on May 10. The show will feature MMW + guests as a part of the 2012 Undead Jazzfest. The show will be presented in three parts and will feature over a dozen special guests. The first part will feature MMW playing a full set. The second part will feature different guests rotating through each position, so there will be 6-8 different players replacing either John, Billy, or Chris throughout the set, performing MMW pieces and improvisations. The third set will again feature MMW but with added guests sitting in.

Special guests:
Marco Benevento
Anthony Coleman
Marcus Rojas
Oren Bloedow
Vernon Reid
Charlie Burnham
Chuck Campbell
Calvin Weston
Miho Hatori
Adam Deitch
So Percussion

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