Medeski Martin & Wood


Final 3 Tracks in the ‘20’ Series Released

Today’s the day! The 9th and final installment in the ‘20’ series is now available.

18. Illmoan
19. Mean Irene
20. Floodwaters

You can get these 3 tracks in mp3 or FLAC format in the MMW store. They are also available in the iTunes store.

We hope you enjoyed this celebration of MMW’s 20th Anniversary!

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MSMW LIVE Review from Stereophile

Most jazz musicians who try to rock out come off lame. Most rock musicians who dig into jazz sound pathetic. Medeski Martin & Wood have long straddled both camps with authenticity. Or actually “fused” is the better word; in fact, they’re among the very few rock-jazzers, another being Miles Davis at the top of that game, who turn “fusion” into a tasty term.

On their latest album, the trio are joined by guitarist John Scofield, not as a sideman (as MMW were on his…

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Holiday Sale

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